What a day.

So, I woke up this morning to a laptop that had died a horrible death.  Did I lose a lot?  I am choosing not to think about it.  I knew the thing was old and going to go soon, but I didn’t expect it to go yet.

So, instead of having a relaxing day of small duties and a birthday party for Bug to attend, I spent my day looking at laptop choices and speaking to sales guys.  And seriously….some of the sales guys at best buy?  Well, the one we got I couldn’t even look at due to the greasy hair, dandruff in hair AND beard, and not looking wasn’t much better due to the smell of his breath.

Anyhow, I spent the day looking for a new laptop. But I didn’t purchase.  Because what I WANT and what I can afford are two entirely different things.  So instead I got home, pulled out my geriatric desktop which really doesn’t work, and tried to get it started.  Mind you we’d already been out and about for 7 hours of our day, but since I couldn’t find the power cord, this necessitated one more trip to radio shack before they closed.  I wasn’t even sure if I could get it up and running.  But…I did.  Just barely, as it often freezes upon booting it up, and lasts only about 5 minutes before it crashes, but I have a semi working computer and that will do for now.

Getting out this old desktop has shown me just how on its last legs the old lappy was though, as this old desktop now runs a thousand times faster than the laptop did.  And the laptop felt speedy when I got it!

All that computer shopping not only about blew my mind, but it severely cut into the time I spent knitting this weekend.  Or rather spinning, as that is what really missed out.  I finished the math nerd socks late Saturday evening so at least I wasn’t stressing over those as well today.

Picture 129

The pattern on these is fantastic. I love how gentle it is, and how it really broke up the variegation.  It isn’t a slip stitch pattern, but it rather looks like it has done the same thing to the finished product.

I suspect these will fit really well too, since I currently have them on and though large on my feet, I don’t really want to take them off.