Magical Thinking

Isn’t it an odd thing?  I’ve suspended blog posts due to the last post being posted before my grandfather’s passing. Somehow in my odd brain, I decided that I could not post, because once I did it would actually be true. No matter that I’d been traveling, spent time with family, attended the funeral, etc. Still I felt that if the blog was suspended then I’d wake up and it wouldn’t be true.

But we are back home now, I’ve a lot of projects to post, knitting to be done, and a routine to fall back in to.  I wouldn’t have traded the time with my family for anything, it was a joy to reconnect with them all despite the circumstances. Furthermore, I got to listen to more stories about my grandfather than I’d ever been exposed to before.  And for someone like me who loves to hear stories and memories, this was such a pleasure.

One of the most touching moments for me was when my grandmother informed me that grandpa would be wearing the first pair of socks I gave him. I’d thought about it before I got there, I’d hoped it would be the case, but I wouldn’t have dreamed of asking for it. Having my grandmother on the same wavelength was very comforting to me.  He loved these socks. Mom had informed me that he was having trouble with finding socks that fit, so I sent him these socks because I knew they’d stretch in every direction. Fit shouldn’t be a big issue in that case. He immediately loved them and would not take them off. Not even long enough for grandma to get them washed.  So I knit a second pair, but these remained the favorite.  Knitting socks for grandpa was a way that I could show my love for him even far away. A way for me to improve his life even if I couldn’t visit.  A way for me to be in touch with him even though we didn’t speak over the phone. To know that they will stay with him pleases me to no end.

So, when you wonder why I knit so many socks, or why I give away so many socks, remember that for me handknit socks are more than just pair of socks. To me they are a way of showing my love for my family from afar.

And finally, just so you get to see some knitting content, I have completed the last Christmas stocking of the year. This one is for Bug.  I was running out of white yarn so I chose a green toe and heel, and like the effect even better than all the white heels I’ve been knitting into these stockings.  She is thrilled to pieces over it and didn’t even want me to pack it away in order to take it back home.