The best of intentions

I began the weekend with the intention of finishing a test knit I am working on for ummeyusuf. I figured with all my free of the computer time, I could surely bring the project to completion.

The one thing I didn’t count on?  Needing the computer.  You see, sometimes I can be a bit daft on the instructions. This is not the fault of the pattern designer, it is purely a failure to read and follow the directions issue.  But when I have no one to turn to in order to get that failure worked out in my own head….I am out of luck.  Friday night I found myself sitting in front of the TV watching Gran Torino and stumped over the neckline of the sweater. Furthermore, lacking the internet and a computer, I was not able to email ummeyusuf for her advice. Which would have been “read the directions” anyhow.

Which means I spent Saturday cleaning and spinning and working on other projects.

Sunday I got together with my friend Sarah. She kindly brought her computer so I could ask my question.  Ummeyusuf, despite the time difference, answered my question quickly.  Know what her answer was?  “Read the directions.”  Well, not in so many words…she tried to word it different ways, but the point was still the same.

So Sunday evening I went home and read the directions.  Then I completed the front and back of the sweater. I’d best start on the sleeves tonight!

As for the spinning, I have that to show you tonight. 2 ply merino dyed by bunkybobo and spun for her. I am jealous, I want to keep some of this stunning yarn!


Yesterday as Bug and I were in the car driving to our friend Sarah’s house, we saw a truck with a dead deer in the back of it.  Not one to shy away from such things, I immediately pointed it out to Bug.

Me:  “Look Bug!  The guy in that car shot a deer!”

Bug:  “Oh!  I see it!  What’s he gonna do with it?”

Me: “Well, perhaps he is going to take it home and turn it into food.”

Bug: “Yeah!  He’s gonna make it into CHICKEN!”

Me: “Buahahahahaha!  The word for that is venison. Mommy used to eat venison when she was little.  It was good!”

Bug: ” I wish I could go hunting and shoot a deer.  Or a BEAR!  Yeah, I want to shoot a bear.  Or an owl.”

Proving….even though she grew up in a city, the hills of PA are still strong in this one…..