Yesterday as Bug and I were in the car driving to our friend Sarah’s house, we saw a truck with a dead deer in the back of it.  Not one to shy away from such things, I immediately pointed it out to Bug.

Me:  “Look Bug!  The guy in that car shot a deer!”

Bug:  “Oh!  I see it!  What’s he gonna do with it?”

Me: “Well, perhaps he is going to take it home and turn it into food.”

Bug: “Yeah!  He’s gonna make it into CHICKEN!”

Me: “Buahahahahaha!  The word for that is venison. Mommy used to eat venison when she was little.  It was good!”

Bug: ” I wish I could go hunting and shoot a deer.  Or a BEAR!  Yeah, I want to shoot a bear.  Or an owl.”

Proving….even though she grew up in a city, the hills of PA are still strong in this one…..

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