More Bug Stories

So, Bug and I have been sick. Sick sick sick.  I won’t give you the entire story, but Bug has been running a recurring fever since last Tuesday. Last night, when she again had a fever, she told me her ear hurt. I gave her some tylenol and sent her to bed. Called mom to make sure it was time to make the doctors appointment, and she agreed that it was. Bug woke up at 3 AM screaming over her ear, so I was pretty sure I knew what was going on at that point too.

Meanwhile you must remember that we are BOTH sick sick sick. So I am just struggling on with her care, though she is fortunately a really good kid and I can get my rest in. This morning since again we were looking at another rough day of sick, I decided I could at least start the day off right and make her some pancakes for breakfast.  We began to pull together the dry ingredients, and set the table. Then I remembered that we didn’t have any eggs left over.  So no pancakes.  She of course informed me that her daddy didn’t use eggs with his pancakes, so I had to explain the difference between making something from scratch and using a mix.  She was disappointed but she handled it well.

Later on we headed to the doctor.  We are sitting in the room waiting for the doctor to arrive, when she starts to spontaneously sing the blues.

“We couldn’t have pancakes…

We ran out of eggs!”

I thought this was absolutely fantastic!


Doctor comes in and asks Bug why she is there.

Bug: Because my ear hurts. And it feels like I am in an airplane.”

Doctor: Well, that is a very mature answer. Mom, is she the oldest child?”

Me: “Only child”


Doctor proceeds to listen to her lungs

Doctor “And, she is very very good patient.”

Doctor looks in both ears.

Doctor: Bug, which ear is hurting you?

Bug: “The right one.”

Doctor: “Well Mom, Her left ear is perfectly clear, and her right ear is very red.”

Me: “So you are saying I need to believe her when she tells me her ear hurts?”

Doctor: “With a kid this mature? Why ever would you not???”

Let’s hope this puts us all on the mend now. Its been a rough week. In fact, I’ve about hit my wall and am getting the chills and need to head to bed.