And yet again…

I have no knitting to show you.

I think I have cut back on my knitting somewhat. In addition to that, the knitting that I am doing is waffling between 3 large projects, so progress is not seen very quickly. And then there is the continuation of the mini socks. It seems that I cannot give one away without making a matching one for my tree. And really, how many mini socks can I make before my readers start to say “OK Shells, we get it, you are obsessed, we don’t need to see this anymore.”

Which leaves me with the stories about how doofy I’ve been since this illness. Seriously. I like to blame this on the fact that I have no interest in coffee anymore, but I am drinking caffeinated tea. So I’ve no excuse. It may just be the continued exhaustion after effects.

For instance, the other day I walked Bug to school. I then walked home, got in my car, and drove to her daycare. Um yeah….no child in my car and we haven’t set foot in daycare since August, but somehow I managed to think this is where I needed to be in the morning. I do hope to get a little more “with it” soon.