My snow angel

Is here to prove that I have been working on my Kauni.

You see that second sleeve? It is close to being done.  I feel very happy about this.  I might even get to wear this thing before the season is over.

You see that snow? This is the very beginning of what is predicted to be a very nasty storm. I’ve already shoveled out twice. Bug has a snow day today and I am going to suspect she will have another tomorrow.  We hear that Jim Cantore  of The Weather Channel just arrived in our city. Must be a major event! We are usually ignored out here.  Blizzards are predicted, and so we will be staying put at home. Because I’ve driven in blizzards and I won’t ever do it again.

In knitting news, I figured out the cause of my knitting related angst. Due to the upset in the family over October/November, I had started a bunch of projects that were very easy. Uncomplicated knitting to pair with my complicated emotions.  It worked for those two months, but left me with 4 active projects that are completely boring on this end of things.  So I just wasn’t knitting on them. I was finding other things to do completely, and only knitting if I was around other people.  So, I started some lace, I’ll show you tomorrow.  It was immediate relief from the knitting boredom!