Snow day #2

The snow is piling up but thankfully it is no longer snowing. The trouble now is the blizzard winds and the bitter cold. Just a 5 minute jaunt of shoveling causes legs and fingers to go numb. So I’ve been doing it in shifts.  We have yet to see a snow plow on this street, and I know there will be much more snow to shovel once one happens along.

There is no where left to put the snow. The snow on my retaining walls are over my head. The snow at the side of my driveway is chest high. In order to shovel at this point, I have to walk each scoop down the sidewalk to find a free spot for it.

Sadly, as much as I’d like to say that tons of knitting has been done, it hasn’t as I have been too busy shoveling. But some knitting has been done…

The start of a lace stole that I have just begun working on. This is handspun 2 ply laceweight which I spun over the summer.

One thought on “Snow day #2

  1. The snow is beautiful, but I remember all too well trying to deal with huge amounts of it when I was in Illinois! Glad you are feeling well enough to shovel!

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