Girls Weekend

Bug and I had a “girls weekend.”  Just because it is just the two of us doesn’t mean we cannot plan a specific girls weekend if you ask me.  We went to see “The Princess and the Frog” and we watched “Polar Express” on TV.  We went shopping, baked cookies, and applied some henna to Bug’s hands.

Now, the henna came from Ummeyusuf of course, and I being no sort of artist managed to botch the job pretty well.  Bug was too nervous about sleeping in it so we washed it off about a half hour after it was applied.  She is very happy with the results though, mentioning that this was even cooler than coloring on yourself with marker.

I suspect she is going to be bugging me to have this done again. She seems to think it would be even better if I went over the back of her hands and up her arm.

Seeing as I finished a pair of socks this weekend, I had to start another pair. I just have to have that portable project!

3 thoughts on “Girls Weekend

  1. It’s quite lovely. Design does not matter so much as long as henna gives a nice color and this being your first time, I think it is excellent. Bug’s hands could easily pass for any Pakistani girl’s with all the henna and bangles 🙂

  2. I DO love henna, so much. We used to have women’s get togethers and do each other’s hands,feet and legs. It’s hard to stop. Then you have to sit still. Hard to not knit for so long!

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