If all goes well

If all goes well this weekend and next week I should have not one but two finished objects to brag about next week.  I am at a stopping point on the kauni sweater because I need buttons, and that won’t happen until Monday. Once I have chosen buttons I will be able to finish the second button band and have a lovely sweater that needs blocking. I’ve even woven in the ends already.

Then there is the Noro Silk Garden entrelac stole. I have already saved out the yarn for the fringe and will just now knit until I have no yarn left. This means only about 400 yards more of worsted weight yarn. This will be my weekend project.

I am almost afraid that they will both be done at the same time and I won’t have enough space to block them both at the same time! But it will be nice to have a couple of larger finished objects again.