Season’s Greetings

We are again snowed in. Not that it is such a bad thing, I don’t mind a bit. If it wasn’t for the shoveling. The drifts in the back yard are over Bug’s head. The drifts in my driveway are 3 feet tall. When we aren’t talking drifting, the actual amount in my driveway is about 2 feet.  Considering we still have the snow from 2 weeks ago, there really is nowhere to put this mess.  I dug out quite a bit today, it took a long time. I am not done, but it was all I could handle in one day.

Bug is enjoying her new snow suit which J got her for Christmas. I am also enjoying it, since it means she is outside playing while I am shoveling. And she doesn’t even complain about being cold anymore.  She is thrilled that she can walk up the drift at the back of the house and just pull icicles off the roof. She then arranges them in patterns in the drifts, her own personal ice sculpture.

Bug had a very nice Christmas this year. On a whim I asked my parents to get her a marble chute. I was thinking one like my brother had when I was a kid, but what they sent was far beyond anything I imagined.  She keeps saying “I LOVE this gift! This is AWESOME! I just LOVE this gift!”  After building a couple of her own marble towers, she finally convinced me to build the one shown on the box.

She wasn’t even able to eat lunch for playing with this thing. It is kind of awesome, I must admit!

Yesterday I finished the knitting portion of my Lady Eleanor entrelac stole. I blocked it before I even went to bed and was so proud that I had completed it. Only to figure out the next day that I hadn’t exactly followed the directions. I had a bit more to do.  So I crocheted the edging and then got down to business on the intense fringe. I had NO idea that this fringe would take me all day long. But it was worth it don’t you think?

5 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings

  1. the fringe definitely was worth the time. Thanks for the pictures of the snow and the marble chute, It really looks “awesome” and big with Bug hunkered down behind it

  2. That stole is beautiful, the fringe is so worth it. Would Bug consider having a play date with a middle aged woman? That marble chute is totally full of awesome!

  3. That’s the coolest present ever!

    Also, while we weren’t exactly snowed in, I really look forward to using “snowed in” as a excuse for stuff tomorrow. 🙂

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