On a Roll

I’ve taken the snowed in holiday and used it as an attempt to get my outstanding projects finished. I think I’ve done pretty well, though it has left me with precious little mindless knitting. Yesterday I finished a lace scarf from Victorian Lace Today. This was done in Habu Textiles Tsumugi Silk.  This is the suggested yarn for the scarf, and since it only took one cone, I have another cone to do another scarf.  I love the very wide open flowers on the wide border, it complements the rather bumpy silk well.

We are continuing to dig out and are going to attempt to actually leave the driveway today. I am hoping a snowplow does not go through while my neighbor is at work, this would cause yet another 3 feet of snow to be pushed into my driveway. When she comes home, her car will protect the piles and I shouldn’t have such a mess on my hands.

2 thoughts on “On a Roll

  1. we’ve scoopedthe driveway out 3 times in the last 3 days, lol. i’ve taken a rather zen attitude towards the city plows. if they don’t do their work, we aren’t leaving the driveway anyway!

    tomorrow the boys dig out mark’s parking area (he almost got stuck trying toget the truck out yesterday)

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