One last finished object

Or so I thought. Way to go me for deciding I could manage one more.  A pretty piece of lace knit on the bias out of my own handspun, and I run out of yarn in the last 6 decrease rows.  Look up on the left hand corner, this is the sad little piece of handspun in a different color I spun up to finish off the scarf.  I had intended to dye that little corner with some turquoise dye I had sitting around the house. Trouble is, I forgot that I used all my turquoise dye. So, hopefully Sandy will be able to give me a hand in dyeing that last corner. This will not happen until the new year though, so I guess I cannot claim to have one last finished object after all.

Next project up? Another KAL with Ummeyusuf. We will be attempting to knit Kelmscott cardigan in the upcoming month or so. I grabbed some Berroco ultra alpaca for mine, in a lovely tweedy gray that has shades of lavender in it.  I believe I will reverse the reverse stockinette in this one, since I don’t like my purling on the outside of my garments.

One thought on “One last finished object

  1. All the knitting is done, that makes it a FO. It is lovely. I am looking forward to our KAL. Hope to print the pattern tonight, inshaAllah.

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