My Gift

My parents got me something ultra cool for my birthday.

Can you see what that is? It is a hot pink headlamp! Know what it is for? So I can knit more of this:

all without straining my eyes.

That is seriously awesome. I might even try an all black beaded aeolian shawl now.

Girls Weekend

Bug and I had a “girls weekend.”  Just because it is just the two of us doesn’t mean we cannot plan a specific girls weekend if you ask me.  We went to see “The Princess and the Frog” and we watched “Polar Express” on TV.  We went shopping, baked cookies, and applied some henna to Bug’s hands.

Now, the henna came from Ummeyusuf of course, and I being no sort of artist managed to botch the job pretty well.  Bug was too nervous about sleeping in it so we washed it off about a half hour after it was applied.  She is very happy with the results though, mentioning that this was even cooler than coloring on yourself with marker.

I suspect she is going to be bugging me to have this done again. She seems to think it would be even better if I went over the back of her hands and up her arm.

Seeing as I finished a pair of socks this weekend, I had to start another pair. I just have to have that portable project!

Mint Chip

In September I decided it was time to learn how to knit two socks at the same time, using the magic loop technique. I am not a fan of the magic loop, but I can manage to maneuver it when necessary, so I didn’t figure it could be too hard to learn.  It wasn’t, it was useful to know, but I am not sold on the idea. What I AM sold on is plain vanilla socks. Meaning socks knit in stockinette stitch. Using the self striping yarn really makes them pretty without adding a bunch of patterning. Plus I really like the way they fit so snug.

The color has always reminded me of mint chip ice cream or something, knit up that doesn’t change.  I may not keep these for myself, I have something else in mind.

As a group, some of my friends and I are trying to work on our “bane” projects. We do this from time to time, ideally once a week though this rarely happens. It was our bane challenge which had me complete my mystic waters shawl, so we know it is effective. This weekend my bane challenge to myself was to sew buttons on my Sylvi coat. After all, knitting such a beautiful project and then not wearing it just because I didn’t feel like putting buttons on seemed almost a sin. So I completed that this morning. And took a rather horrible picture, but it will work as proof that I did do it!

I plan to wear it tomorrow. After all, it has been more than cold enough!

Snow day #2

The snow is piling up but thankfully it is no longer snowing. The trouble now is the blizzard winds and the bitter cold. Just a 5 minute jaunt of shoveling causes legs and fingers to go numb. So I’ve been doing it in shifts.  We have yet to see a snow plow on this street, and I know there will be much more snow to shovel once one happens along.

There is no where left to put the snow. The snow on my retaining walls are over my head. The snow at the side of my driveway is chest high. In order to shovel at this point, I have to walk each scoop down the sidewalk to find a free spot for it.

Sadly, as much as I’d like to say that tons of knitting has been done, it hasn’t as I have been too busy shoveling. But some knitting has been done…

The start of a lace stole that I have just begun working on. This is handspun 2 ply laceweight which I spun over the summer.

My snow angel

Is here to prove that I have been working on my Kauni.

You see that second sleeve? It is close to being done.  I feel very happy about this.  I might even get to wear this thing before the season is over.

You see that snow? This is the very beginning of what is predicted to be a very nasty storm. I’ve already shoveled out twice. Bug has a snow day today and I am going to suspect she will have another tomorrow.  We hear that Jim Cantore  of The Weather Channel just arrived in our city. Must be a major event! We are usually ignored out here.  Blizzards are predicted, and so we will be staying put at home. Because I’ve driven in blizzards and I won’t ever do it again.

In knitting news, I figured out the cause of my knitting related angst. Due to the upset in the family over October/November, I had started a bunch of projects that were very easy. Uncomplicated knitting to pair with my complicated emotions.  It worked for those two months, but left me with 4 active projects that are completely boring on this end of things.  So I just wasn’t knitting on them. I was finding other things to do completely, and only knitting if I was around other people.  So, I started some lace, I’ll show you tomorrow.  It was immediate relief from the knitting boredom!

And yet again…

I have no knitting to show you.

I think I have cut back on my knitting somewhat. In addition to that, the knitting that I am doing is waffling between 3 large projects, so progress is not seen very quickly. And then there is the continuation of the mini socks. It seems that I cannot give one away without making a matching one for my tree. And really, how many mini socks can I make before my readers start to say “OK Shells, we get it, you are obsessed, we don’t need to see this anymore.”

Which leaves me with the stories about how doofy I’ve been since this illness. Seriously. I like to blame this on the fact that I have no interest in coffee anymore, but I am drinking caffeinated tea. So I’ve no excuse. It may just be the continued exhaustion after effects.

For instance, the other day I walked Bug to school. I then walked home, got in my car, and drove to her daycare. Um yeah….no child in my car and we haven’t set foot in daycare since August, but somehow I managed to think this is where I needed to be in the morning. I do hope to get a little more “with it” soon.