Bug Blankie

Bug wants a blankie. She sat me down and had a talk with me about how she really wanted one and how she is disappointed in me because I haven’t finished the scrappy one I started.  Now, making a blanket seems like a rather long and boring prospect, but her desire for it was so strong that I decided it might be time. Not to mention the bitter cold we’ve had here, she could really use some wool in her room.  Not that it will be done in time for this year…..

So I decided on the moderne log cabin as her blankie and I picked out 4 colors. Her requirement was that pink be in there somewhere, so I went with a pink theme that seemed more grown up than cutsie.  The yarn is cascade 220 since it is such a good wool that holds up well.  I’ve started on block number 4, but the blocks are slow going as they are getting larger and larger.  I’ll give you all a look at the project once the 4th block is complete.  For now, I’ll let you see the colors.

I wasn’t sure when I’d get a start on it. When the yarn came in Bug immediately wanted me to get going. I really wasn’t in the mood.  So I told her that if she would wind 5 of the 19 skeins, I’d start that very day.  She wound all 5.  The next day she wound another.  Hopefully she will continue to help with her blankie in this way because if there is one thing I don’t like about knitting it is the winding of the skeins.  Despite having the most awesome swift ever made.

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