A Sock

Way back when I knit the mystic light shawl out of shibui sock yarn, I had a bunch left over. Enough for a full pair of socks. And though it has taken me two years or so, I’ve finally got socks going using the leftovers. I find that I love the springiness of the shibui, and their semi-solids are quite lovely.  I took the pattern from Vintage Socks but the sock itself is done in my own way.

Since I’ve only been to work 2 days this week, I’ve had more than enough knitting time.  I’ve finished a sleeve and started a second of the kelmscott. I’ve also got a good portion of one of the front panels done. Bugs blanket has been worked on as well.  We took down the christmas decorations today and all that is left to put away is the tree.  I am feeling quite accomplished at the moment.  Oh yeah…AND I’ve even got something brewing in the dye pot.  Life is good!  But I can’t wait to get back to work!

One thought on “A Sock

  1. Those are going to be awesome looking socks. This weather indeed has increased knitting productivity by a landslide. I’ve never gotten so much knitting done in a short amount of time before. Though the colder the weather gets, the more my Ravelry queue grows with things like mittens, scarves and hats.

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