Can’t get warm…..

It is just not possible. We try, but there is no appropriate way to stay warm in this weather.  Fortunately we do not have to go anywhere if we don’t want to, until the cold spell is over. And it is due to be over tomorrow!  Even my brand new car is having cold issues, it doesn’t want to turn over and the beeps sound completely sick.  It is amazing how a new car with a lot of battery drain has trouble where my super old subaru with no computerized components had no issue whatsoever.  I spent years in that car sure that it would strand me somewhere, and the only time it did was when the gas gauge broke.

So, we are in, drinking tea and hot chocolate, bundling up, keeping busy by taking down christmas decorations, and I am knitting.  I began a front panel to my kelmscott cardi.  It is very satisfying to work that much lace into a sweater, but it is also rather slow going. I’ve also knit the sleeves for this, so due to the snow days, the sweater is going rather fast.  But, I will not be working on it again until Monday evening. Until then, I will be working on Bug’s blanket and an old old lace project that I haven’t touched in about a year and a half.

Stay tuned because I also did a bit of dyeing, since turning the oven on is a real pleasure in this weather. And I’ve got an upcoming test knit for a pullover for Bug.  Life in knitting is just good!