Weather Biddies

The weather biddies at work are all a flutter, clucking about the upcoming weather.  They must be loving this winter!  Everything is cause for alarm to a weather biddie.

We spent a month and a half living like we were in the upper peninsula of Michigan, with the extreme cold and the copious amounts of snow.  For the past week or so we have been magically transported to London. The fog is quite amazing. In the morning while it is still dark I can barely see a thing.  Since people are currently walking in the road as the sidewalks are all still snow covered, I often feel like I am a bowling ball and the pedestrians are the pins.  The trees get this odd kind of frost all over them that would sparkle, providing there was sun. There is not.

Now the weather biddies are all a flutter about ice. Quarter inch tonight and quarter inch tomorrow they say with all the alarm they can muster. Alarm better reserved for an anthrax outbreak if you ask me.  All I can think is this probably means another snow day for the Bug, which knocks off our routine especially when we are most needing to establish one.  Oh yeah, and I haven’t any more vacation time to take. Not that this is problematic with my job, it just means even more to make up once the winter is over, and less to take in the summer.

In knitting news, or lack thereof, I am still working on my kelmscott, still working on Bug’s blanket, and the rest is not worth mentioning.  Or rather, I don’t feel like mentioning the test knit I had to rip out and restart, the fact that I have lost all my size 7 needle tips, if I had any at all, and that I am having a knitting slump anyhow that I blame on the weather.  What has been done is some knitting on an old shawl that I never finished.  I’ll actually take pictures of that one soon and blog about it, but due to weather (yep, we just blame it all on the weather) I can’t get a decent picture to save my life.  Not that I’ve tried.

I’ll try to blog more later. If we end up with a day off tomorrow, I promise to blog. With a picture.  That is all from here.