Daft. The only word to describe her.

I met a very interesting person at work on Thursday. I’ve not encountered her before except perhaps by phone.  It was an experience I can assure you.  She was obviously looking for Dr. S, or his support staff T.  T was out of the office ill, so that was of no help and this woman had obviously never been on our floor before.  She came into the office and asked where Dr. S’s office was.  When I told her, she said that he was not there. (Then why would you ask me where his office was if you already knew?)  She asked where T’s office was. I indicated the door behind her and told her that T was out of the office.  She then asked me if I knew where Dr. S was. I told her I did not.  She asked where Dr. S’s lab was, and I indicated that it was down the hall, last door on the left.

At this point I think I am rid of her.  But, not so lucky after all.  She came back and told me she could not find Dr. S’s lab.  She said, “Where is T’s office, is it next to Dr. S’s office?”  Having just told her where T’s office was, I rather irritatingly reiterated my comment.  She then wanted Dr. S’s number. I gave it to her even though she had already established that Dr. S was not in his office.  He, unsurprisingly, did not answer his phone, being out of the office and all.  She then wanted T’s number.  Having just indicated where T’s office was….twice…and telling her T was out of the office, I refused to give it to her. I rather thought that when she called T, and T did not answer, and the phone rolled to me and I picked it up and answered it, it might just blow her mind.  So I again told her that T was out of the office.  She then decided to go stand by Dr. S’s office.

Fortunately, Dr. S walked in at that point and took her off my hands. I was never so pleased to see someone walk out of my office.

Friday, right around the time I had to leave, someone pops her head around my office area. It is the same daft woman from yesterday!  She says “Hi Munchkin! I wanted to know if Dr. K has a mailbox on this floor.”

Munchkin?!?!? ME? I am the least munchkin like person I know. I am at least twice her height.  Where would she get the idea that she could call me munchkin?  Bizarre!