Knitting content

Yes, for real!

I’ve been working on another test knit. Who knew I’d have so much fun with these?  This is the “Tutu Pullover” and it will be for Bug.  I am doing it in very untutulike colors and yarn.  I am sure that for the sake of variety, that is ok.

I’ve really struggled with this one thus far. I had this evening of complete insanity looking for size 7 needle tips.  I couldn’t find them, but what is worse is that there were size 6’s in my size 7 space, leading me to believe I was using the correct needle size.  It was quite frustrating.  It seems rather hard to believe that I, of all people, do not have size 7 tips, and there is no telling how often I’ve been knitting with size 6’s thinking I was using size 7’s.

So, the needle size wasn’t working, my yarn choice wasn’t working, I couldn’t manage to read the instructions properly…well the whole thing just got messed up. So I scrapped that and started all over.  AFTER borrowing a size 7 circ. This second endeavor is going much more smoothly, and I’ve finally divided for the armholes. Let’s see how fast I can get this puppy knit!