Knitting Olympics Day 3

I wanted to give you an idea just how big this cardigan has become already.  So I stretched it out. What you are seeing is a cardigan knit in one piece, so it is the fronts and back together.  I’ve also done two cuffs, even though I am not yet to the sleeve portion of the pattern.  They were just smaller and easier to carry.

It has gone quite quickly so far, but I am about to experience a major slow down.  This week is busy in general, Bug is still not feeling well, I am still not feeling well, and thus we should be attempting to get some rest.  Rather than obsessively knitting on something to all hours of the night.

Again, this is NOT the color of my sweater. Sorry.

So, now I leave you with a goofy picture of Bug, who created a “doghouse” for herself this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Knitting Olympics Day 3

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