Bug on Dr. Seuss

Miss Bug came home today and informed me that today is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. She then told me that she could bring a Dr. Seuss book to school.  So she went upstairs and got her Dr. Seuss books out.  She came downstairs and showed me a book that did not say Dr. Seuss, and the following conversation occurred…(I swear, word for word, I am not making this up!)

Bug: Mom, is this one Dr. Seuss?

Me: No sweetie, this has a different author.

Bug: Well, Mom, I really think it IS Dr. Seuss, he did publish under a different name you know.

Me (Thinking PUBLISH?!?!) Ok sweetheart, let’s look it up.

Sure enough, she had picked out not only her Dr. Seuss books, but also the books which were written under his other name.

Then later tonight as I was putting her to bed…

Bug: Mom…Dr. Seuss is the author AND illustrator right?

Me: Yes love, he does both.

Bug: But most people just do one or the other right?

Me: Yes dear…good night now.

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