Round the twist

Hello all who are here from Round the Twist! Glad to see you here.

For those who aren’t watching yet, you really should. My friend Carin does a videocast once a week. Her latest video cast revolves around month o’socks.  I cannot tell you how much it thrills me to have thought up an idea which causes people to use up that sock stash!  I think knitting with people is always a bit more fun than knitting on my own. I am so very privileged to know so many wonderful knitters who are willing to share in this.  It makes me want to do it twice a year!

As an update, I am working on the toe of my second wollmeise stocking. They will be done tonight, so hopefully blogged tonight. Providing it stops snowing and I can get a decent picture that is.

I’ve already pulled out more wollmeise for another pair of stockings, but am now leaning in another direction. I’ve got to make a decision about that. Additionally on the needles is a pair of socks that rock mediumweight socks done in another vintage sock pattern, and a pair of mystery socks that I have sitting here at work.

So…enjoy the rest of month o’socks, we aren’t even halfway through yet! And do let me know what you are working on!

2 thoughts on “Round the twist

  1. Taking a note from some of my fellow Sit and Knit people, I have cast on a sock! It will be a toe-up, generic sock. Maybe a fun ribbing for the cuff.

  2. I wanted this to be the year I got comfortable with knitting socks, so I’m trying to knit about one pair a month. A bit slow, but I’m on the second Fit Well sock and looking forward to casting on the Rockin Sock Club Cascadia. Thanks for the encouragement!

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