My first pair of complete socks during month o’socks are stockings. Stockings which I am thrilled with because they fit so perfectly.  These are the Evening Stockings for a Young Lady from Vintage Socks. They are beautifully sized and the pattern is beautifully written. The lace pattern is simple and addicting. I could easily turn right around and do this again. Paired with the wollmeise, it makes for a stunning pair of socks!

So what is next for my month? Sadly, a pair I am not overly pleased with. These are done in Socks that Rock mediumweight. Really not the best pairing of yarn and pattern. In fact, I’m considering ripping them back out and starting over. But…it seems a shame since I’ve turned the heel. They fit, there is no issue, I just don’t like the dark and light yarn that hides the lace pattern.

Actually, I am almost ready to say that I’ve lost my enchantment with STR entirely. Perhaps I just need to switch to lightweight patterns? I’ve got way too much of this yarn to fall out of love!

One thought on “Stockings

  1. Simple and addicting. Knitting is way better than some of those tricky street drugs. As a nurse I have some patients in their final stages of illness and cannot believe the stories of buying and selling, heating up, sniffing up and shooting up. They could have been warm and covered in yarn in all those dangerous moments.

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