Month o’socks wrap up

4 pairs of socks and a lone sock without a match have been knit this month. It has been a long month, and I feel pretty good about ending it here. I’ve got other great stuff to work on anyhow!  I am eager to get back into knitting that doesn’t involve socks, and use my sock knitting as icing on the cake.

The final pair is the March mystery sock. The yarn is creatively dyed luxury sock yarn.  Quite a lovely sock really, but a bit large with all the lace. I am satisfied with them though.

This years month o’socks went much better than last year. I will most certainly be doing it again next year, as it really does help to bang out a bunch of socks all at once. Not to mention using the pretty patterns and learning new techniques.

3 thoughts on “Month o’socks wrap up

  1. Well done. As long as you enjoy the knitting and the socks, you’re well ahead. Me, I’m still swatching but I have knit two pair this year which is 2 more than last year.

  2. Lori, that is a great way to look at it. Despite finding myself with more sock stash than I had when I started, despite not having finished some ridiculous number like 6 pairs, etc, I had FUN! And because we did this event more people knit socks, some even knit their first socks. Some days I have to remind myself that this is a hobby, not a job. 😉

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