Shall we have another?

I can’t say I am in love with this pair. I just think that the thickness of the yarn is better suited for a texture pattern than a lace pattern. But, I have one sock done so I feel somewhat committed to the second. Plus, I should be able to get a good bit of it done over the weekend.

And I’ve decided exactly what yarn I am going to use next. Think green!


My first pair of complete socks during month o’socks are stockings. Stockings which I am thrilled with because they fit so perfectly.  These are the Evening Stockings for a Young Lady from Vintage Socks. They are beautifully sized and the pattern is beautifully written. The lace pattern is simple and addicting. I could easily turn right around and do this again. Paired with the wollmeise, it makes for a stunning pair of socks!

So what is next for my month? Sadly, a pair I am not overly pleased with. These are done in Socks that Rock mediumweight. Really not the best pairing of yarn and pattern. In fact, I’m considering ripping them back out and starting over. But…it seems a shame since I’ve turned the heel. They fit, there is no issue, I just don’t like the dark and light yarn that hides the lace pattern.

Actually, I am almost ready to say that I’ve lost my enchantment with STR entirely. Perhaps I just need to switch to lightweight patterns? I’ve got way too much of this yarn to fall out of love!

Round the twist

Hello all who are here from Round the Twist! Glad to see you here.

For those who aren’t watching yet, you really should. My friend Carin does a videocast once a week. Her latest video cast revolves around month o’socks.  I cannot tell you how much it thrills me to have thought up an idea which causes people to use up that sock stash!  I think knitting with people is always a bit more fun than knitting on my own. I am so very privileged to know so many wonderful knitters who are willing to share in this.  It makes me want to do it twice a year!

As an update, I am working on the toe of my second wollmeise stocking. They will be done tonight, so hopefully blogged tonight. Providing it stops snowing and I can get a decent picture that is.

I’ve already pulled out more wollmeise for another pair of stockings, but am now leaning in another direction. I’ve got to make a decision about that. Additionally on the needles is a pair of socks that rock mediumweight socks done in another vintage sock pattern, and a pair of mystery socks that I have sitting here at work.

So…enjoy the rest of month o’socks, we aren’t even halfway through yet! And do let me know what you are working on!

The first stocking

We are now a week into month o’socks and I am already tiring of this.  My attention span never was particularly good. Luckily I do have Bug’s blanket to keep me company when a sock will no longer do.

I have completed the first stocking of the month and it is wonderful! I cannot believe how easy it fits my calves and the lace and yarn combination is just stunning.

I am trying to resist the urge to cast on yet another sock. I think my other projects and interests will hold, but only time will tell.

The spinning part of my month

Has yielded 214 yards of worsted weight singles.

I purchased this colonial wool top at my first Stitches Midwest.  It was sort of one of those last minute “this is my very last moment at my very first stitches and I must buy one more thing” purchases.  I am not generally inclined to purchase roving that is all one color.  This has a tiny bit of sparkle in it, but not much.

I am hoping that the weather will be nice again this week and that I can bring my wheel out once more. I really do get a lot of spinning done if I am with people.

My first sock of sock month

Turned out to be a very different sock than I expected.

This is rib pattern from Vintage Socks done in Opal yarn. A friend of mine refers to opal yarn as the cockroach of yarn, meaning it is indestructible. This is good, since so many of my favorite yarns don’t hold up well for people I give them to.

The second sock for this probably will not get done until next month, but it was a satisfying and mindless knit.

I hope to present you with a full on stocking by the end of this weekend. If I am lucky!