Moderne Log Cabin

AKA Bug’s blanket.

I finally stopped messing around and began a blanket for Bug. I didn’t really want to do it, but it was a labor of love for her, as she is a kid who REALLY APPRECIATES a good blanket. And she wanted one from me.

As I was knitting it, I was concerned about how it pulled in different directions and looked misshapen. But I was assured by various people that all it would take was a soak in the water and the sheer weight of the blanket would even it out.  May I tell you they were ALL liars!  It took a really hard block to get this into a square shape.  I’d say the hardest block I’ve ever done.  After having spent so much time on it, I was so disappointed.  Fortunately, after the initial shock, I’ve discovered that it still looks good and makes a very serviceable blanket.

Mostly, I am just glad it is done.  And that no one is forcing me to do another.  Because…um….no.

The Bug and Chihuahuas

The Bug told me one day that she wanted a Chihuahua. I, being a very proud non pet owner, told her that Chihuahuas bite peoples ankles and pee on their legs.  This is not said to insult the breed as a whole, but to allow Bug to come around to my way of thinking.  And it worked.

Now, Bug has new neighbor friends, little girls across the street.  She spends a great deal of time there, and with their little dog Millie. Who happens to be a Chihuahua.  She hasn’t ever had any issues with the dog while she is with them, and isn’t the least bit nervous about Millie.

But this morning we were walking to school, and Millie was outside with the mother of the home. Millie wasn’t on her leash. And what did she do? She proceeded to run up to us and chew on our ankles.

And now my point is well proven.