Moderne Log Cabin

AKA Bug’s blanket.

I finally stopped messing around and began a blanket for Bug. I didn’t really want to do it, but it was a labor of love for her, as she is a kid who REALLY APPRECIATES a good blanket. And she wanted one from me.

As I was knitting it, I was concerned about how it pulled in different directions and looked misshapen. But I was assured by various people that all it would take was a soak in the water and the sheer weight of the blanket would even it out.  May I tell you they were ALL liars!  It took a really hard block to get this into a square shape.  I’d say the hardest block I’ve ever done.  After having spent so much time on it, I was so disappointed.  Fortunately, after the initial shock, I’ve discovered that it still looks good and makes a very serviceable blanket.

Mostly, I am just glad it is done.  And that no one is forcing me to do another.  Because…um….no.

5 thoughts on “Moderne Log Cabin

  1. It’s gorgeous and she doesn’t care about the shape. I just finished a little Moderne Baby and I think the very loose slip stitch at the beginning and cast off helped with the shape. As well, I’m a loose knitter (not that!) so I went down a few sizes in needle to get a firm fabric. My mitred squares blanket was all wonkey, but Great Grandma says it’s fine when it’s on her knees.

  2. I said this already, but I am impressed with your ability to keep going on such a large garter stitch project, and I know your daughter will treasure it forever. I am surprised how much my sons love the blankets I made for them–with all the imperfections I see in them! They don’t care!

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