Spring Spinning

I’ve been doing more spinning than anything else lately, as is usual for me during the spring.  I finished a WIP, I’d done half of a lorna’s laces wool top a couple years ago and navajo plyed it.  I finished up the second half this week.

Unfortunately I cannot call the two halves matching, as in the last two years my navajo plying has gotten so much better that it is too noticeable to use the skeins together.  Can you tell which is which? I sure can.

I’ve just begun 8 ounces of a BMFA sheep to shoe kit, I’ll be doing that one in a traditional 3 ply. It may take some time, I haven’t tried to spin up 8 ounces all at once in about a year.

3 thoughts on “Spring Spinning

  1. It is certainly a wonderful way to get a finished object in a fairly quick manner. When I am really jonesing for a finishing fix, I almost always go for the handspun type.

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