Another worthy trade

While my brother and I were cleaning out my basement, we found the sad beginnings of a quilt I had begun to piece together a long time ago. I assure you I am no quilter, or even seamstress for that matter, so it ended up in a box in my basement.

Now, I’ve a mild obsession with box backs for my socks in progress. It seems I can’t get enough. This should come as no surprise, since I often have quite a few pairs of socks on the needles at once, all which serve different purposes.  I’d like to have enough box bags to house all my in progress socks.  (A mighty chore, I know!)

So, as my mom was looking at these strips of pretty fabric already pieced together, she thought it would make a good box bag. As I knew my friend Melissa had just conquered the sewing of a box bag, and I also knew she had her eye on some handspun, I asked if she’d make me a couple box bags in return for her favorite skein of handspun.  A worthy trade indeed, want to see my bag?

Isn’t that the prettiest thing? It is fully lined and serves my purposes perfectly. And it is repurposed from something I had done in the past. What a perfect little bag!

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