The First Concert

Bug had her first school concert yesterday. She did a lovely job singing, as did the rest of the school.  She was very excited about it, and I noticed she even had quite an emotional let down once it was all over.

But the events and comments leading up to the concert were far more amusing than the concert itself.

It all started a couple weeks ago when a few of my friends had decided to go out to dinner. I thought perhaps I should get a sitter since I rarely do, and Bug was very excited to see her sitter after a long absence.  And since I had a sitter, I thought perhaps I should also put on a little makeup for dinner out. So while Bug was having her dinner, I snuck into the bathroom and put on make up. When I came out of the bathroom, She said “Mom! You put on make up! I really like it when you do that.”  I then asked her why, and she said “Well, it makes you prettier, it makes your eyes look more wide open and your face look cleaner.” I giggle and then went upstairs to look for hidden glamor magazines under her bed!  Rather an astute observation for a 5 yr old.

Once she told me about the concert, she began to give me all the little details she was concerned about. She told me that I should leave work early and get to the concert very early. I asked her why and she told me there wasn’t going to be enough parking. I informed her that I intended to park in my very own driveway and walk. She hoped it wouldn’t rain.

She then let me know that she was going to need to wear a pretty dress that day. I reminded her that we had just purchased a very pretty dress and that we were going to have her wear it. I reminded her that I would get her up nice and early and we would do her hair.  We did so, and once we were done she looked at me and said “Mom, I think you are supposed to dress up too, so maybe you should put a little makeup on!”

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