I can conquer this yarn


I’ve had some lambs pride worsted in my stash since before I even started knitting. I had purchased it with the intention to crochet an afghan, but having just done so with another color, I never got around to it.  Since my crocheting days are predominately over, I decided I should knit the yarn into a sweater instead.

It was then that I began to run into problems. The yarn is too heavy to be called a worsted and I can never get gauge.  I’ve tried at least 4 different sweaters, one of which was 80% knit before I realized it wasn’t going to work.  So now what?

Well, I decided if I can’t get gauge as a worsted yarn, perhaps I can use it as a bulky yarn.  I looked at a couple different patterns, not quite settling on anything, and then my friend Sarah told me she would let me borrow her rowan cork book. A pattern book with all bulky projects.  I was then able to pick a project to begin, got gauge, and went to town. I’ve finished the back of the sweater and started the front.

I love this bulky cable, it looks fantastic. I would have to say that they yarn doesn’t knit up quite as tightly as one might like it to, but in order to conquer this yarn, I’ve decided it will be just fine.

The down side? I have at least enough yarn to knit another full sized adult sweater. Grr.

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