Exactly one week ago I created a monster. At the time, I didn’t realize what I was creating, but once it was done, it became abundantly clear. I am not saying there weren’t a few red flags along the way….I just chose to ignore them, as is typical for me.

You see, I was working on the sleeves for the sweater I am making out of yarn that I am desperate to use up. To say I am trying to speed through it would be an understatement.  So I finished up the front and the back with no issues (strangely enough) and started the sleeves. The sleeves are worked in a rib pattern and all was going well until about midpoint in the sleeve, when I had to put it down over the weekend. When I finally picked it up again, I kept having these strange conversations with myself.  Such as:

“I thought I was supposed to increase to 46 stitches, why does it now tell me 50?”  “Oh, I must have misread.”

“45 cm just doesn’t seem long enough for this sleeve!”

“I didn’t realize that this sleeve was a raglan sleeve…I wonder how this is all going to go together?”

“Why would it ask me to begin the raglan decreases without rib? It seems strange to end a rib here. I think I am just going to continue in ribbing.”

“OK ok, I just don’t GET how this sweater goes together.  Maybe I should read the directions (yes, yes, this has been a problem before.)  Hm, why does it talk about knitting a collar? I don’t want to make a collar. It doesn’t LOOK like this sweater has a collar. I just don’t understand this sweater!”

By this time I had completed my sleeve. Only to realize that I had somehow managed to turn the booklet over and begin working on a sleeve for a different sweater about halfway through.


3 thoughts on “Frankensleeve

  1. LOL! Thanks Lori! Once I get in a groove it is sometimes really difficult for me to stop to read directions. But, I am totally ok with blaming the directions!

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