My weekend finished object

Or: This yarn is going DOWN!

I’ve had this yarn in my stash longer than I’ve been knitting. It is brown sheep lamb’s pride worsted, but it never did knit into a worsted weight pattern. And I tried, oh how I tried. I’ve knit sweater after sweater with this yarn only to have it go terribly wrong.  Finally, my friend Sarah had me borrow a rowan cork pattern book, since that gauge is bulky, hoping that I could manage to get a proper gauge in a bulky pattern instead. And you know what? I did.  Perfect gauge though I must say it isn’t a tight knit. But it works, and for me right now, that is what counts.

The pattern is called Stevie.  It is nice and big and comfy and really really warm.  I love the cabling up the front and I hope that someone gets good use out of it. Will that be me? I am not sure. I am not overly fond of the ribbing throughout, but it may do well enough in the winter with a collared shirt under it.  I am also tempted to bring it to my brother to see if he’d wear it.

This weekend has been just about perfect. I’ve had what really does feel like a holiday, much has been accomplished around the house, much time has been spent with the Bug, much relaxing has been done, a few late nights and morning sleep in’s, and a lot of good craftiness.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  It also means I’ve a lot to blog about this week, stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “My weekend finished object

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