As I was combing Bug’s hair on Saturday, I noticed something that looked funny. Upon closer inspection, I said to her “Bug, I think we need to get you new hairbands, these look like they may be cutting into your hair.” “Oh no,” she said, “That is probably from when I cut my own hair.”

“What? Why did you cut your own hair?” I asked.

“Well, because Gabby has a bag with her hair in it, and I wanted to have a bag with my hair in it too!” She replied.

“Oh? And would you like to show me this bag of hair?”

“Oh yes!” she said and she rain upstairs and brought me this:

Yep, that is a bag of hair!  So I figured no amount of fussing on my part was worth anything, seeing as she’d already done it. Additionally, I knew she wouldn’t want her hair cut, and now it had to be done. So I explained to her that we were now going to have to cut her hair short, and that is what happens when you try to cut your own hair.

So I made the appointment, and Bug took it pretty well.  It was very very hot and humid, and so she was almost glad to be getting rid of her hair due to it hanging down her back and making her sweaty.  I snapped a picture with it in a ponytail, doubled up, in order to keep her cool.

And then she got it all cut off! I was pretty specific about what I wanted. Bug was very pleased because she got hair just like her Nana. I was pleased because it is cute, trendy, AND she had enough of a ponytail to donate.

Were there tears? Yes, in the car on the way home.  But they were short lived, and she decided that her hair looked awfully cute with her dress.  I figure she is the same sweet girl with or without long hair. And if she wants to grow it out, it will grow.

One thought on “Unexpected

  1. I think at some point in all of our childhoods we have tried to cut our own hair, or our siblings hair. I know I did.

    Her new hair cut is really cute!

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