Hanspun Citron

Bug asked me recently to make her a shawl. I thought this a little bit silly, as no 6 yr old could take care of or wear a shawl properly. But, then I thought about the lovely citron shawl I’ve seen on knitty.com recently.  I thought I had some handspun that would be to Bug’s taste and I decided to do it.

The pattern is a half circle with ruching details.  Paired with striping handspun, I thought it would look rather cute. I didn’t have enough yarn to follow the pattern exactly so I decided to eliminate a repeat and then shorten the bottom ruffle.

And then I had a blocking fail.  You see, I am a very aggressive shawl blocker. I spent a good portion of the morning blocking out the shawl. And then I couldn’t figure out why there were sections of the shawl that were thicker than others.  Finally it hit me, I had pulled the shawl out so hard that all the ruching was gone.  I took most of the pins out and let it dry flat, but the top two ruched areas are still less than…ruchey?

It did turn out to be cute anyhow, and hopefully I’ll be able to pin it on her to her satisfaction.