Sunburst Cardigan

I had agreed to test knit a new design from ummeyusuf, as I know I had bugged her until she made the design. You see, I really wanted to have my own sunburst coat, even if it meant knitting a lace pattern I found challenging.  I decided to use stash yarn, because these days I just don’t purchase new yarn, so I grabbed the rest of the lambs pride worsted that I just knit the stevie sweater with and decided that I would use it up no matter how big that made the sweater.

At some point I tried it on and became quite concerned about it not fitting properly. You see, there were about 5 inches across the front before the two sides even thought about meeting, never mind the fact that I’d need to button it.  I persisted though, figuring I could at least have it modeled by someone smaller than myself. I was a bit disappointed, but went ahead and lined up a model and a photoshoot date.  The idea was to have it done and modeled before my vacation began.

Once Bug headed off though, I realized that it just wasn’t what I wanted to be knitting, so I really pushed through to finish it. In this kind of heat and humidity, it was awful to knit with that fuzzy worsted weight yarn. I then soaked it, and blocked it, then realizing that it did block out quite well. I felt maybe if I looked at it sideways it looked big enough. I did notice that it was a much bigger sweater than I had knit.

It took a full 4 days to dry, unsurprising with so much humidity and such a heavy yarn. I refused to touch it until it was truly dry, figuring if I had gained some size in the sweater, I would want to keep it. Yesterday I tried it on and was absolutely amazed to find that it fit beautifully!  I’d say it is on the verge of being too large, but will be perfect over a blouse in the winter.

I am really really pleased with this sweater! I love the length I got in the body of it, the length of the sleeves is very comfortable too.  This sweater felt like such a surprise since I hadn’t anticipated it fitting at all!

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