Clearly I have a problem

A problem with color. Or rather, a problem with purchasing and knitting the same color repeatedly.

I just finished the Stevie and the sunburst test knit, both out of burgundy yarn. Or rather, the exact same burgundy yarn.  While the sunburst knit was blocking and drying, I decided to ball up some yarn for my next lace project. I was quite eager to do so, even though balling 3200 yards of laceweight is a daunting project. And just so you know, it takes about an hour.  In that hour, as I sat next to my blocking cardigan, I realized that I was balling 3200 yards of laceweight in the exact same shade of burgundy as the cardigan.  I sighed and then put the huge ball of laceweight aside figuring I couldn’t possibly knit with burgundy again so soon.

So I thought about some other projects. I knew I had wanted to make Bug the teacup pinafore, and I also knew I had already purchased the yarn for it.  So I became quite excited about starting a new project, grabbed the yarn and the directions, cast on, and realized…..that the yarn was burgundy!

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