Airplane knitting

As many of you know, I’ve been on vacation for the last week and a half. I’ve only just returned. And though the vacation was action packed, there was still ample time for knitting.  Which also means that I have a few posts, as well as a few vacation pictures this week.

The first thing I have to show is my airplane knitting. I generally keep something quite simple on hand. I’d already finished the first sock quite some time ago, but I’ve been less than inspired to knit socks lately so the second sock was languishing in a pile of unfinished objects, not at all one of my priorities.

Sadly, since there was time in between the two socks, I made a large mistake in the foot of the second sock, and didn’t discover it until I started the toe. This meant I had to rip half a sock back on my airplane ride. But it was reknit and the toe finished last evening once I got home.

The yarn is trekking XXXL, a 4 ply sock weight with long color changes, I think this is my favorite of the work horse yarns thus far.  I love the rainbow colors!

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