Noro Virus

I’ve contracted it, I can’t seem to knit with anything else right now. First there was the baby jumper, and then I cast on a pair of two at a time socks in silk garden sock, and then I just had to bring out the kureyon in order to do the noro striped scarf I’d been eyeing for years.

It was a weekend project.

It was successful

I am tempted to turn right around and do another.

4 thoughts on “Noro Virus

  1. Is that the K you got from me? If so, I am a) impressed that you whipped that guy out and b) its LOVELY. Would have NEVER thought it could look like that!

  2. Yes! Paired with another K I had in my stash that was shades of black/gray/turquoise/maroon. I like the manly paired with the girly colors.

  3. I do too! It’s lovely. I actually had a similiar thing planned – a browns/greys noro silk garden sock with an orange & pink noro silk garden sock, but they are just a *leeeetle* bit too fine for a scarf,** so I’m doing to do something else with them.

    **As in “If I have to knit two small rows for the next six feet, I’ll go nuts”

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