Happy Thanksgiving!

Last weekend I decided I wanted nothing to do with my two current large projects, and so I insisted on starting something completely new. When I first started spinning, I had little desire to knit with my handspun, but that has changed in this last year and all I want to do is knit with handspun, even if just to see how the project turns out.  So when I came across the Ringwood pattern from knitty.com, and saw how many people made lovely handspun gloves from it, I dove into my handspun stash to find something appropriate.  The pattern calls for a dk weight yarn and I generally spin sock or lace, so I had to read back a bit into the past.  But I did find some two ply yarn that worked wonderfully.  I had the first glove done on Saturday and Bug and I went right out and purchased buttons. By Sunday I was finished!

And some socks

To round everything out, I’ve knit another pair of socks.  These are from Trekking, which is really my favorite workhorse yarn.  These I knit in exchange for hats, and they will end up going to a charity.

This was a very nice colorway, the color changes were very much like handspun. Slow, quiet, muted.

In other sock news, my absolute favorite pair has finally developed a hole in the heel. To be honest, I expected this years ago, so it comes as little surprise, but I am a bit sad.

My Sprossling

So, all my friends were knitting it!  That was my excuse. But I did think they were all a little crazy for falling in love with a sweater I didn’t particularly like.  Furthermore, who knits sweaters out of fingeringweight yarn anyhow?  That is just dumb.  But, since everyone else was doing it, and I had some lovely wollmeise in red, I decided to play along.

In the end, I got a lovely sweater that was so much fun to knit!

Swish Test Knit

Another wonderful test knit from the mind of Ummeyusuf complete! I made mine in lion brand cotton-ease so Miss Bug could wear it in the summer or winter.  I must say she looks rather fantastic in it, and she can’t wait to wear it to school tomorrow.