Juno Regina in Worsted

I’ve loved knitty.com’s juno regina shawl for quite some time, but wasn’t ready to commit to laceweight or sock weight yarn. But I figured it couldn’t be too terribly hard to modify for a scarf. So I picked up some malabrigo rios and gave it a try.  In the end I believe I did 2 repeats of chart 2, 2 repeats of chart 3 and one repeat of chart 4. But I didn’t write it down, so I might be wrong. In any case, it is pretty easy to figure out as you are going along, you can see if the next chart won’t work out and you need another repeat of the one you are on.  I did the symetrical grafted version of the scarf.

My only regret is not having enough yarn for a really long scarf, since that is what my preference is.  But it did block out to a reasonably sized scarf.  This one is going to my mom, it will match the mittens I made her for Christmas, and she will now have a choice of scarves.

It looks perfect against the snowy landscape!