The Perfect Storm

There was a large storm out our way recently, one which kept Bug and I out of school and work for two days. While I am not sure being gone for two days was truly necessary, it was unavoidable.

During that time period, it seemed as if I managed to have “the perfect storm” of my own. A strange combination of manic, OCD, and the opportunity to make a little extra cash.

You see, I began crocheting food items at the request of a friend. Small food items which she intends to use in her daughter’s easter basket this year.  These are entirely done out of scrap yarn, leftovers I have around the house. Once I began, it got ugly quickly. I am talking yarn and yarn boxes all over the living room, crochet hooks being unearthed from the deepest depths of the house.  Dust bunnies stirred up from under the bed.  Yarn trailing all over the place. And my personal reaction was worse. I’d crochet until I was shaking, failing to eat a thing, or stop for a glass of water. Even when I realized just how ugly it was getting, I’d hurry up, make some food, do some dishes, and get back to it as fast as possible.  About midday I realized that I was grumpy, shaky, annoyed, etc. And then realized that I hadn’t even taken the time to shower. The obsession had a complete hold over me.

Fortunately I had the opportunity to get out of the house a bit, running a few errands and then spending some time with my knitting buddies. I didn’t even take my crochet hooks and yarn, I left it all in lieu of spinning. But that didn’t stop me from making “just one more” once I got home!!!

I didn’t blog until I had the entire collection done, and so now I will present it.


Breakfast items:



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