Today We Begin Month O’Socks

This is the third year of month o’socks and the rules have changed a bit to accomodate an evolving group of knitters. This year, we can knit socks, we can knit with sock weight yarn, and we can knit christmas stockings.  I intend to do all three.

My other goal is to post progress pictures daily. It will be interesting to see how these projects grow from day to day. So to begin with, I will post each project I intend to work on during this month.

First up is the Wanida socks from the Cookie A. book “Sock Innovations.”  I started this month, and almost have sock 1 complete. The yarn is Koigu KPPPM.

I’ve got one sock complete and another started in Austermann Step, the pattern is Hermoine’s Everyday Sock. These are my easy knitting. Cheater socks. I am not sure they will get completed this month, but progress will be made on them.

I decided I wanted to knit with handspun this month, and so I will be working on a lacy baktus scarf out of navajo plied merino. I’ve begun the decreases, so it is just over halfway complete.

My pair of stockings for this month will be done out of wollmeise 100%. I’ll be knitting lissajous.

I needed to work on some socks that rock mediumweight yarn, so I thought I’d pull out the faulty dyer colorway and knit it into some rock and weave’s.

And finally, the stocking. Bulky wool of the andes from knitpicks will be used for yet another falling snow stocking, of which I have knit 5 already. There is a new family member expected and he/she shall need a stocking.

We will see where all this leads me and what I’ll manage to actually finish. During this time I have designated spinning time as well, and it would be just lovely to complete a hank of yarn too!