Month o’socks day #3

Since I had company last evening, and spent my evening spinning instead of knitting, again progress has been a little slow. I did wake up at 4:30 a.m. to catch a little extra knitting time today though, and that has made up for a bit of it.

A bit of progress made on the handspun baktus, I again marked with a row marker where I began yesterday afternoon post picture.

My Lissajous socks feel like they’ve gotten an appropriate start. Still slow going, but discernable progress now.

Today I forgot to bring my Wanida socks to work, so instead I was stuck knitting the hermoine everyday socks. I have a 2 hour meeting tomorrow in which I should be able to make good progress on these!

And just for fun…2 lovely bobbins of the softest fiber I’ve ever spun. Camel. It is so pretty in its natural state. I may just get started on the plying of this tonight.

The one where Shells tries to look fierce

And fails.

So, I was asked to knit the dwarven battle bonnet. With horns. And because it seemed like an interesting request, and because Sarah was also making one, I agreed.  My request included much hair on the beard portion, rather than just a plainly knit beard. And I obliged. In a rather big way. I knit the simple beard and then attached fringe all over it. I also braided various portions of the beard.

I cannot properly explain how much I loved this project. I love the result and I had to get a shot of me in it. Looking fierce. Even though that didn’t work out so well.

And aren’t you lucky? You get two blog posts in one day since I promised to post month o’sock pics daily!