Day #6, Month O’Socks

I cannot deny it, mad progress made on my stocking. I am showing off the back since I managed to finish the entire calf gusset area and it is too pretty to hide. I am now working on the decreases for the remainder of the leg.

Now that I have a picture, I can see that there is subtle striping in the colorway. I don’t think it is at all noticeable while I am knitting it.

I also finished spinning a hank of laceweight yarn. This is camel fiber I picked up at IA sheep and wool festival. It is gloriously soft, indescribably soft. I am very eager to knit with it!

I haven’t counted yardage yet but it is 2 ply. It was a slippery spin and needed some very fast twist, but the results are stunning!

I did make a few rows of progress on the baktus, but it really has been put on the back burner for the stocking