Month O’Socks day #7

I spent a good long time spinning yesterday, so less progress overall for a weekend day. And now that we are back in the work week, and because my schedule this week is busy, I suspect my socks will slow down considerably.

First up, the lissajous sock. I’ve chosen to show the back side again, since that is where all the action is taking place. I’ve finished all the calf decreases and have about 4 inches of pattern knitting to do before starting the back of the leg/heel diamond motif.

Now that the week has begun, I’ve taken up my wanida socks again. I have finished the leg of the sock and gotten everything prepared for the heel. And those of you who have knit the wanida know full well this is the most difficult part of the entire sock due to some undocumented errata.

And just for consistency’s sake, I’ve added the prerequisite handspun scarf pic.