Month O’Socks Day #9

And on that day, there was a finished object:

My handspun lacy baktus scarf is complete. It has all the charm of noro if you ask me, thick areas, thin areas, but the colors are good.  Oddly it is also a little “cottony” feeling even though it is merino wool.  I believe that the wool top originally came from Lorna’s Laces, colorway circus. At 5oz. and then some, it makes for an ample scarf even as a 3 ply yarn.  This is my second baktus scarf, but neither are for me. So the color I have on the wheel right now? That one will be all my own.

I also began my Rock and Weave socks. I’ve finished both linen stitch cuffs. This is the first time I’ve done linen stitch, and while knitting it, all I could think is that the pattern would make a fantastic scarf.  I intend to consider that in the near future. After month o’socks of course!

It really is a fantastic stitch pattern for busy hand dyed yarn.