Month O’Socks day #11

A finished object! Finally. My Rock and Weave socks are complete. Yarn is blue moon fiber arts socks that rock mediumweight in colorway faulty dyer. I think this is just a most stunning color combination.

Now, I must say, if one is going to knit socks that require buttons, one must choose the most whimsical buttons one can find!

I am really proud of the button choice, I never imagined I’d find buttons that match so many of the color tones so well. The socks fit well and would be a great choice of a summery sock, since they feel light on my feet due to being anklets, and the cuff is not at all tight.

After I finished these, I strayed from the plan just a bit. Nick has asked for another pair of socks, and so I came by a skein of Korpii (also BMFA socks that rock mediumweight) and decided to start the wedge socks from Knit. Sock. Love. I’ve had my eye on the interesting short row construction so decided to give it a go. I think they will make fine manly socks.

Sadly, my hands have just about had it, and I am going to have to start on the bulky christmas stocking now. I need to be using needles that are large and yarn that isn’t quite so tight of a knit. So the wedge socks are going to have to take a back seat for a day or so.