Month O’Socks day #12

I’ve strayed from the course a bit, in interest of keeping my poor hands healthy. They are actually feeling much better today, and I think we can thank the size 10 needles and this:

A sixth falling snow stocking, which is quickly becoming the traditional Christmas stocking for new family members. I suspect this is one of two that I will have to knit this year.

I also pulled out a project which I have previously kept quiet. I started it quite some time ago, but needed to finish more spinning so I could continue. It is the Lillia Hyrna shawl from Knitters Book of Wool. ┬áThe lighter color is my handspun alpaca/cormo/silk 2 ply, and the darker color just added is 100% camel handspun 2 ply. I’d say the lighter color is about a sock weight, so I say it counts for month o’socks.

And finally, I did do a bit of work on Nick’s Wedge socks. Which are awesome! The construction thrills me, a very interesting knit.

I am saving the rest of the Christmas stocking until my hands ache again. I need to make the heel next. So the wedge socks are the socks of the hour today.